Order Advanced TRS

TRS can be purchased directly from Coseva, which is shipped from the USA.


Order FAQ

Q: What are the prices?

The prices for the various products are as follows, the lower price is the preferred customer price/autoship option:

TRS 1 bottle: US$95/ US$68
TRS 3 pack: US$170/ US$150

Advanced Fulvic: US$82/ US$59
Advanced Fulvic 3 pack: US$155 / US$133

Advanced CBD: US$99/ US$79
Advanced CBD 3 pack: US$175/ US$195

*Please note that Advanced CBD is only currently available in the US. Coseva is working on making it available in more regions.

Q: What is a preferred customer/autoship? How do I become a preferred customer? Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee to become a preferred customer. This allows you to get the lower/discounted price. It is a monthly subscription that saves you money. It is very straight forward and you can cancel or alter the dates at any time. There is no penalty for canceling or any hidden fees for signing up for autoship. If you’ve chosen to do the autoship but do not wish to carry the automatic subscription, we suggest that upon receiving your products, to immediately go back to your account and alter the subscription.

This is the website to amend your autoship details: https://mycoseva.com/newlogin.html 

If you are having issues with your user name or password and want to cancel or amend your autoship, you can also contact customer service to do that for you at support@coseva.com. If you would prefer to call, Coseva’s telephone number is +1(844) 426-7382. Hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, Mountain Time. You will always receive an email after ordering and 7 days before your next autoship, if you don’t, please check your spam folders especially for Yahoo account holders and contact Coseva to verify that the email saved on file is the correct one. If you feel more comfortable with not having a monthly subscription, please choose the retail option.

Choose the products that you want and then choose the “preferred customer price” option when adding products to your cart.
Hit “Check Out” and then enter your details.
Please note down your user name and password.
(Passwords can’t have any special characters)

And then choose “yes” to the “becoming a Preferred Customer option” on the next page when you are entering delivery and payment details.

Q: How much is delivery and how much does it cost? How long will it take for my products to reach me?

Delivery within the US is $8, to the Philippines is $37.66, and an average of $20-40 for other countries using courier companies like UPS, DHL and FedEx.  Delivery time is around 3-10 business days within the United States currently and up to 10 business days for international destinations.

Customs and taxes for other countries might apply too and are *NOT* reflected at checkout on the Coseva website. The prices on Coseva’s website are in USD.

Customs and taxes would have to be paid before or upon delivery in the destination country, if applicable. Philippine customs will tax imported goods that cost $200 and up. For faster customs clearance and to avoid customs tax, please don’t order anything above $200 (shipping cost included).

For more questions and issues with ordering, please feel free to contact us here. https://facebook.com/trscomph