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TRS Philippines:  Detox for Healthy Living

Advanced TRS is the safest, most effective method of toxin removal.  Our Toxin Removal System uses Zeolites to remove toxins like mercury and lead from your body at a cellular level to reveal your body’s full potential.

Advanced TRS is not a “cure” for anything. It safely removes over 80,000 toxins from the body to allow the body to heal itself, and function as it should.

Advanced TRS is manufactured by Coseva in the USA.

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Advanced TRS Removes Toxins

We ingest heavy metals and other contaminants through everyday living from sources such as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the the food we eat.  Advanced TRS safely eliminates harmful toxins from your body. Read more information about Advanced TRS.

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TRS Downloads

Check out the TRS Downloads section for various literatures, including:

  • TRS Product Information
  • Ways of Toxicity Exposure
  • Using TRS with Amalgams
  • Using TRS with Supplements
  • Signs/Symptoms of Toxicity in Children
  • Brief Bio on TRS Inventor
  • Remedies for Detox Symptoms
  • and more...!

Advanced TRS Studies and Whitepaper

Complete list of literature and flyers available in the TRS Downlaods Section.